28/09–3/11/2019. Saint Petersburg
Magistral. The Sound Form

Musical Performance Magistral. The Sound Form

Composer: Peter Aidu

November 1 (Friday) at 19:00 at the Russian Railway Museum

For this performance, composer Peter Aidu and artist Vadim Kondakov created a sound sculpture, a multi-percussion instrument with 100 metal pieces of the same weight but in different shapes. The sculpture uses simple metal rolling elements: sheets of various thicknesses, pipes, profiles, fittings, all of which acquire an artistic form.

The objects are installed in a certain order among the train cars in the large hall of the Russian Railway Museum. Individually, they are just metal figures, but together they will become an experimental musical instrument.

Author of the concept and the score, composer Peter Aidu sees the project as an acoustic study of the geometry transformation through auditory perception. All sound sculpture’s pieces have the same weight, but their shape changes from one to another, documenting a phase of an imaginary smooth transition. Each object is a freeze-frame, which simulates a gradual flow of various geometric shapes and the illusion of a single metal mass unfolded in time.

The idea of an industrial metallurgical orchestra emerged in 1923. It was an experiment of the constructivism era: an attempt to rethink the industrial achievements through the artistic use of mass produced products. Peter Aidu, in his art projects, draws on the experience of noise music enthusiasts of the early 20th century. In 2012, he created the Noise Reconstruction exhibition in the city of Surgut, in 2013 he authored the kinetic sound installation Call at the Archstoyanie festival in Nikola-Lenivets, both inspired by Vladimir Popov’s noise machines. Today, Peter Aidu experiments with metal in a museum setting, with most exhibits made exactly of this material.

The performance Magistral. The Sound Form will be accompanied by a movement improvisation by the Kannon Dance House residents, St Petersburg dance company.

The project was initiated by the PRO ARTE Foundation specifically for the programme of the 15th festival Contemporary Art in the Traditional Museum.

Project author

Composer: Peter Aidu


The concept author and composer is Peter Aidu (Moscow)

Laureate of the Golden Mask Award for the Experiment nomination in 2016 (performance Sound Landscapes), laureate of the Sergey Kuryokhin Prize: Pop Mechanics Grand Prix for the performance Reconstruction of Utopia, 2013.


Artist – Vadim Kondakov (St Petersburg)

Graduate of the PRO ARTE Foundation's School for Young Artists (2018).


Percussion – Dmitry Shchelkin (Moscow)


Dance performance – Kannon Dance House (St Petersburg)

The Russian Railway Museum

Bibliotechny In 4/2, Saint-Petersburg, 198095

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