28/09–3/11/2019. Saint Petersburg
We Are Open

To really know and see the world, one may need to open one’s eyes, close them, or wear VR glasses. Or - just dance, here and now?

It is already impossible to imagine the contemporary theatre without technology or immersion. The audience wants to be part of performances. This opens up new horizons for both audiences and actors. Technology and immersion have become the key starting points for We Are Open dance project in the spaces of the Russian Railway Museum. Contemporary choreography will be introduced into the museum where exhibits and technology are intertwined.

The Kannon Dance House created a choreographic project for the audiences to step in, which reveals completely new facets of immersion through the virtual space.

Project author

The Kannon Dance House


Choreography: Valeria Kasparova

Performers: Nika Kalinina, Sofia Oding, Elizaveta Rotacheva, Alexandra Yurgens, Elena Fotova, Ekaterina Ivonina, Arthur Galimullin, Evgenia Saburova.

Video: TRIP VR Company, Gleb Matyurin, Anton Leontyev

Creative Director: Natalya Kasparova

Producer: Vadim Kasparov

The Russian Railway Museum

Bibliotechny In 4/2, Saint-Petersburg, 198095

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Bibliotechny In 4/2, Saint-Petersburg, 198095

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