28/09–3/11/2019. Saint Petersburg
The Arctic and Antarctic Museum

The world's largest and the only Russian museum dedicated to the Earth’s Polar regions.

The museum shows the history of the discovery and colonization of the North and South Poles since the 16th century till now. Visitors can see the clothes of the 16-17 centuries’ sailors and the personal belongings of the Soviet polar explorers, a model of the world's first nuclear-powered icebreaker Lenin and a model of a drifting radio meteorological station, fragments of the hull of an ancient sailing ship and a sleigh of the Robert Scott's expedition.

The museum’s history began with a series of the Travelling Polar Exhibitions (1922-1935). In 1930, the Soviet Arctic Institute was founded, and the Arctic Museum emerged as its department. After renovation and repair works in 1937, the museum opened its doors to the first visitors. In 1956-1958, the USSR launched the first Antarctic research, and the museum inaugurated the Antarctic department. Soon afterwards, the museum’s name changed, and it became the Arctic and Antarctic Museum.

The Arctic and Antarctic Museum

Marata st., 24А, Saint-Petersburg

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Author: Anton Khlabov
The Arctic and Antarctic Museum
Author: Asya Marakulina
The Arctic and Antarctic Museum
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Marata st., 24А, Saint-Petersburg, 191040

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