28/09–3/11/2019. Saint Petersburg
Weary Plasticity

Bookshelves in the Gumilyov Museum and Memorial Apartment are ‘wired’ for practical purposes: to ensure safety. But the wire enclosing the books evokes associations with prisoners. This image laid the foundation for an interactive sound installation by Alexander Morozov.

With the sound, the artist creates a borderline in the museum hall, beyond which lies the ‘dangerous’ space of memory, comprehension, and fate. The acoustic installation is complemented by metal bar objects from the Shell of Myth series.


Project author

Alexander Morozov


Graduate of the PRO ARTE Foundation's School for Young Artists (2001).

In 2002 he graduated from the St Petersburg Academy of Arts - Ilya Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Alexander Morozov is interested in art that outgrows its formal boundaries, which becomes philosophy, anthropology, sociology and even life itself. The artist became famous for the conceptual project Birds’ Flight Records, shown in Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Germany. The project documented the timing and trajectories of birds flying in the surrounding landscape. Among his prominent projects are The Black Book and Icons series. The first explored the disappearance of cultural memory, recreating the artefacts lost during the war. The second focused on paintings with everyday subjects made in the egg tempera technique, characteristic of the European art in the 15th–17th centuries.

He participated in the 11th Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale (2015), the 3rd Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art (2015), the 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art (2015), and the parallel and public programmes for Manifesta 10, the European Biennale of Contemporary Art (2014, St Petersburg). Nominee for the Artaward International Strabag Prize (Austria, 2013), and the Sergey Kuryokhin Prize (St Petersburg, 2013).

Lev Gumilev`s Museum and Memorial Apartment

Kolomenskaya st., 1/15 4, Saint-Petersburg, 191040

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Lev Gumilev`s Museum and Memorial Apartment

Kolomenskaya st., 1/15 4, Saint-Petersburg, 191040

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