28/09–3/11/2019. Saint Petersburg
Exchange Reactions

An educational project where those who doubt and reject contemporary art can try the role of an artist. Employees of the Museum of the History of Religion agreed to take part in the experiment and, together with the artist Lera Lerner, will try to find the common ground between museums and religious and artistic practices.

Throughout October, guides, curators, researchers and their colleagues from different museum departments will learn the basics of contemporary art’s theory and practice, create and see whether the language of art is something new or long familiar to them. The project will lead to an exhibition at the museum.

Lera Lerner on the Exchange Reaction: “Today, contemporary art has become a rather closed elitist project, although upon its emergence it dedicated itself to anyone and everyone and promised to respond to our problems and joys. Our goal is to return art to ourselves and return ourselves to art, understanding the laws of the genre. Exchange Reactions is an educational environment, I want the participants not only to discover the advantages and disadvantages of translating personal experience into the language of contemporary art, but also to discover new opportunities for communicating with colleagues and museum visitors”.

Project author

Lera Lerner


Graduate of the PRO ARTE Foundation’s School for Young Artists (2015).

Artist, curator, founder of the Imaginary Museum of Displaced Persons. Explores social and poetic art. Researches the emergence of spontaneous communication in public spaces and its ethics through the means of performance, installations, research. Student at the Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences of St. Petersburg State University.

Participant of the International Biennale Manifesta 10 (St Petersburg, 2014); Moscow International Biennale for Young Art; Art Prospect Festival; International Baltic Biennale of Contemporary Art; Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art; 14th Edition of the Contemporary Art in a Traditional Museum Festival; nominee of the Innovation Prize and Sergey Kuryokhin Prize.

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