28/09–3/11/2019. Saint Petersburg
Museum of Hygiene

The museum shows how hygiene evolved from the Hippocrates' time till now. The exhibition also explains the human anatomy and physiology.

The museum halls demonstrate how stress affects the body, show the optimal ratio of nutrients in a diet, explain the connection between the Pavlov’s dog and alcohol addiction, and tell how to prevent infectious and other diseases. Among the exhibits are a collection of anatomical preparations, a ‘glass man’ model, and an electrified heart model.

The Museum of Hygiene is located in the palace built in the middle of the 18th century and designed by architect Savva Chevakinsky. The first owner was Count Ivan Ivanovich Shuvalov. The current museum, dedicated to the medical education and the promotion of sanitary and hygienic knowledge, opened in the palace in 1919.

Museum of Hygiene

Ital'yanskaya st., 25, Saint-Petersburg

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Author: Alexandra Lerman
Museum of Hygiene
Author: Semyon Motolyanets
Museum of Hygiene
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Ital'yanskaya st., 25, Saint-Petersburg, 191023

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