2017’s Festival visiting curator is Kathrin Becker, Head of the Video-Forum at the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.) in Berlin, Germany. In 2012 Becker was curator of the 3rd Moscow International Biennale of Young Art.


“Facts & Fictions is the title of the 2017 festival „Contemporary Art in the Traditional Museums“ in St. Petersburg, which is taking place in various museums at the Petrograd side of the city. The project considers art as a particular form of social expression, as a resonating body of social developments. It is an important task for contemporary artist to develop alternative perspectives on an increasing visual colonization of the world through mass media and life style production. In this sense, artists reflect historical narratives, political events, and cultural processes and – based on the artists’ personal backgrounds and life experiences – they develop a seismographic quality in respect to political developments in a globalized world, they critically reflect on depictions of historical stereotypes and related claims on “truth”, they find a personal viewpoint on certain facts and surroundings, they reconstruct spaces of remembrance and create alternative narratives to dominant discourses. The works of the festival strongly react and interact with the chosen museums: Sites that are dedicated to people of historical importance such as political leaders, scientists, and artists, museums that deal with specific technical and cultural developments, and places of remembrance and collective memory. In reference to Hal Foster’s influential Return of the Real (1996), the radius of the festival ranges from works in the spirit of the “documentary turn” alongside the borders of documentation, visual anthropology and new narratives to reflections of the development of art in the 20th and 21st centuries. The festival will include a variety of media including painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, video and photography.”

Kathrin Becker