Facts & Fictions

Central festival exhibition

You are invited to start your journey around the festival museums in the Peter and Paul Fortress at the Facts & Fictions exhibit in the Poterna exhibition hall.


This if the central exhibition of the festival and it unites all museum projects in one space presenting art objects, so called “quotations” from the museum projects, specially created by the artists for the show in Poterna.


Besides the “quotations” here you can see a special project created by the Parsons School of Design in New York alumni curated by Thomas Werner. This project is about seven museums participating in the festival.

The State Museum of the History of St Petersburg Peter and Paul Fortress, Poterna Exhibition Hall


The State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg is one of the biggest Russian historical museums, its collection totaling up to 1,5 million objects. The museum tells the history of the city since its foundation in 1703 till nowadays. The Museum is situated in the Peter and Paul Fortress and also has seven branches all over the city.

The Peter and Paul Fortress is architectural and historical center of St. Petersburg. The fortress was built to protect the Neva lands that were won from the Swedes during the Northern War (1700 – 21). During two centuries main St. Petersburg prison was located in the wall and casemates of this Fortress. Poterna (underground passway) and casemate are situated in the Gosudarev Bastion, the first one in the Peter and Paul Fortress, where the original bricklaying of the 18th century has been preserved. Now the impressive space of the Poterna passway is used for the museum temporary exhibits.


Address: Peter and Paul Fortress, Gosudarev Bastion

Closest metro station: Gorkovskaya, Sportivnaya

Tel.: +7 (812) 230 6431

Museum hours:

September, 23-30: Monday-Sunday 10:00–20:00

Since October, 1: Monday-Sunday 10:00–19:00