Project by Vladislav Yefimov and students of the Rodchenko Art School (Moscow)

Museology project presents works created by the memebers of Project Photography group led by Vladislav Yefimov who teaches at the Rodchenko School of Photography and Multimedia in Moscow.

Vladislav Yefimov:

“A group of young artists from the Rodchenko School are trained well enough to be able to reflect on the museums’ activity – both for natural science and for art museums. We are particularly interested in natural science museums since they, to a certain extent, represent the paradigm of knowledge dominant on the 19th century – age of physical determinism. Art is still certain the world is generally cognoscible and keeps building up mechanism-like structures. There are many ways to dissect the world, and the artistic method employs most of them – being similar to the scientific method the way it work in Newton’s age. The problem is what do you do with various parts of this world’s machine; how do you assemble a working model of the Universe. This is a big issue, and we need to solve it step by step studying – with no exception – museum of natural sciences, which are changing dramatically in view of the emerging philosophies.

Art museums are no less appealing. Landscape, portrait, still-life genres of painting are dissolved by contemporary art and need to be reconsidered and reflected upon gaining new meaning and application. When working with art galleries we strive to achieve something both contemporary art and classical museology could later employ to raise audiences’ awareness towards art in general.

We sincerily hope that close co-operation with fascinating and unique museums will help to integrate contemporary art into traditional museums and improve mutual understanding and fruitful collaboration.”

Vladislav Yefimov and students of the Rodchenko Art School (Moscow)

Vladislav Efimov (1964) is a photographer and artist with over 20 years of experience within Russia’s art scene. He lives and works in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod.

He became known to the public for his work done in collaboration with Aristarkh Chernyshev. They may have been the first Russian artist to create interactive video installations and were unofficially acclaimed pioneers of new media art. Works by Chernyshov and Efimov can now be found in the largest museum collections both locally and internationally.

Since mid-2010s Vladislav Efimov has been creating large-scale installations (both on his own and in collaboration with artist Sergei Denisov, photographer Sergei Leontyev and composer Georgy Stefanov), including his For the Radio project created with the support of the PRO ARTE Foundation for the Contemporary Art in Traditional Museum Festival in 2008; the same year this project was awarded national Innovation prize.

Through his numerous photographic and publishing projects dedicated to Russian avantgarde architecture Evimov is also known as an avid defender of Constructivism. His photographic images for Heritage at Risk. Preserving 20th Architecture and World Heritage (2007) and New Houses. Architecture of Moscow Residential Clusters of the 1920s (2013) publishing projects brought him two Golden Section architectural awards.

ARTMUZA Art Center

армуза 1000

ARTMUZA is a new creative cluster located in the former “Muzdetal” musical instrument factory on the Vasilyevsky Island (St. Petersburg). Its total area covers 13,000 m2; the cluster gives home to several art galleries, design studios, advertising agencies, creative spaces, interior studios, business art institutes, as well as artists’ and sculptors’ studios. ARTMUZA features four galleries with total space of 2000 m2, and also serves as a venue for regular master-classes in art and design, and various lectures and seminars. At present over a hundred artists, architects, designers and art studios work on the cluster’s premises.

Adress: 70–72, 13rd Line, Vasilievsky Island
Metro: Sportivnaya, Primorskaya
Tel.: (812) 313-47-03
Opening Hours: 11.00-20.00
Admission free