2015 Festival’s visiting curator is Alisa Prudnikova, Commissioner and Artistic Director of the Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art (Ekaterinburg, Russia) and Director of the Ural Branch of the National Center for Contemporary Arts (NCCA).

Копия by Alexei Ponomarchuk-2

Photo by Alexei Ponomarchuk

Alisa Prudnikova:

“This year our Contemporary Art in the Traditional Museum Festival is undergoing a number of changes attempting to become more focused, topical and obtain a different format.

The idea behind the 13th Festival is to present art-works in a form of research; treat the museum display as an urban fabric and discover it’s identity. What is it going to be about? We’d love to talk about things that or some obscure reason tend to stick in our memory after we visit a museum: random details, specific objects, a mug on a table, traces of a showcase on the floor, back of a book. Going hyperlocal we try to reach the microlevel, trace that single paradoxical element that serves as a symbolic center of the museum space.

We do not wish to leave the artist to deal with this objective on their own; we are bringing in students who will co-participate in the art-project. A turn like this makes you look around and ask: who forms the pool of museum visitors and how do we talk to them about the museum?

ARTMUZA Loft is going to be the Festival’s center and its working base where we’ll present research findings and documentation, as well as replicas of the art-works created in the museums – participants of the Festival.”