A couple of great things we’ve learned from museum attendants

Project by Vladimir Seleznev at the ARTMUZA Art Center

Vladimir Seleznev:

“In 2011 I made Metropolis installation at the Poterna (underground passway) of the Peter and Paul fortress. To put it together I needed all sorts of rubbish and litter and a strict museum attendant would cast disapproving glances over bags with trash I brought to the museum, and would not hesitate to pass remarks. Later, however, we fell into talk: it turned out she herself was into art and showed me the watercolors she had painted.
Many contemporary artists face disapproval and rejection expressed by museum attendants. And while a visitor has an option after seeing an exhibition to forget the art-works they saw and, probably, didn’t like – museum attendants are stuck with the objects they despise.
Looking back over my experiences with museum attendants I’d love to create an exhibition that would coincide with their vision of art. They guard artists’ works against overly energetic visitor and sometimes have to answer visitors’ questions when curators are not around. Together with the attendants we’ll try to put together an ideal exhibition – the one they will at least find comfortable to be around.
Museum attendants know a lot about museum’s life and people who come to visit. They are museum’s constant visitors. Contemporary museums are trying to adjust to their audiences’ preferences and are bound to balance between the museum’s original mission and popular appeal. What will happen if the museum gives an ear to those who looks after art day by day and watch the audiences?”

Vladimir Seleznev (Yekaterinburg)

Копия Фото Селезнев

Artist, curator.  Born in 1973 in Nizhny Tagil. Studied art at the Nizhny Tagil College of Education, where he has founded the Sehr Gut art group (2001-2005). Since 2006 he has become a curator of the Ural branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts. INNOVATION Prize and Kandinsky Prize nominee in 2013. Lives and works in Ekaterinburg.

ARTMUZA Art Center

армуза 1000

ARTMUZA is a new creative cluster located in the former “Muzdetal” musical instrument factory on the Vasilyevsky Island (St. Petersburg). Its total area covers 13,000 m2; the cluster gives home to several art galleries, design studios, advertising agencies, creative spaces, interior studios, business art institutes, as well as artists’ and sculptors’ studios. ARTMUZA features four galleries with total space of 2000 m2, and also serves as a venue for regular master-classes in art and design, and various lectures and seminars. At present over a hundred artists, architects, designers and art studios work on the cluster’s premises.

Adress: 70–72, 13rd Line, Vasilievsky Island
Metro: Sportivnaya, Primorskaya
Tel.: (812) 313-47-03
Opening Hours: 11.00-20.00
Admission free