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Museum of Circus Arts at the St. Petersburg Grand Circus

Address: Fontanka emb. 3
Metro: Nevsky Prospect, Gostiny Dvor
Tel.: (812) 570-54-13
Museum hours: the museum is open to public during circus performances, an hour before the performance starts and during intermission
Entrance ticket: ticket to the circus
Guided tour by appointment

The Museum of Circus Arts was the first museum of this kind to open at the Leningrad Circus on August 8, 1928. It is still the only museum you find in Russia that presents world’s circus heritage. The museum started as a collection of Vasily Andreyev who collected historical records about drama and variety theater, and circus. Costumes, props, scale models, drawings, posters and photographs present history of circus arts from ancient times to the present day. A significant part of the exhibition tells the story of St. Petersburg Ciniselli Circus. Each circus season the Museum features a new exhibition; this year’s exhibition is dedicated to the 135th anniversary of the St. Petersburg State Grand Circus and features more than 300 exhibits.

The Small Circus (Le Petit Cirque) – Music and Theater Project by Laurent Bigot

The Little Circus is a miniature performance of the objects that produce sound; it balances between music and soundplay presenting contemporary music as a game. The ‘performers’ are dolls, games and toys placed artfully on a small table next to bizarre constructions: various-sized globe-shaped bowls, strange towers tied together with a thin wire. A tiny girl-gymnast walks this wire like in a real circus. Everything comes to life thanks to sounds of various tone, color, quality and nature extracted from the moving objects. Laurent Bigot, French musician, composer, actor and director runs the performance to his own music.
The Small Circus premiered at Pori Jazz Festival (Finland) – on the Europe’s most popular jazz venues, in 2004. Since then Laurent Bigot has toured through France, been to Switzerland, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovenia, Israel, Germany, Poland and Russia. This is Laurent’s first visit to St. Petersburg.

September 21, 22 at 14:00, 16:00, 18:00.

Laurent Bigot (France)

Composer and musician Laurent Bigot has long been interested in the relationships music can create with other artistic fields, as well as with its surroundings and the objects and subjects of everyday life. He has developed his ideas through various productions and encounters with musicians, dancers, film directors, writers, actors and visual artists, among others. A saxophonist, he plays with the group Musicabrass, an outdoor orchestra which incorporates its surroundings—urban or natural—into its performances.
An electroacoustician and do-it-yourselfer as well, he composes and performs using different analogical devices, privileging the creation of live sound.
For the past several years he has created work based on sound objects, where music and scenography coexist and interact with one another.

Supported by Istitute Francais in St. Petersburg.