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Narodovolets D-2 Submarine Memorial Complex
Branch of the Central Naval Museum

Address: Shkipersky protok 10
Metro: Primorskaya
Tel.: —
Museum hours: 11:00 – 18:00
Closed: Monday, Tuesday, last Thursday of every month

Museum of Narodovolets D-2 Submarine is a unique monument to Russian shipbuilding in 1920s and 1930s, as well as heroic deeds of the Russian submariners during World War II. Submarine compartments and the vessel itself preserve their original look from the war times. Visitors can study each compartment in every detail. The museum also offers a display dedicated to the D-2 submarines’ history and Soviet submariners during WWII.

Sea Battle Installation

“Two girls are playing Sea Battle on a sea shore. They stand apart peering at each other’s eyes shouting out target coordinates. The players are an image of how helpless we are in front of space and the obscure, they also personify women waiting for seamen. Their cries are not directed at the horizon, but rather targeted at each other; these cries do not lament men who have perished at sea – they provide exact coordinates for a game, a “Shrödinger’s” game where the one is either killed or not killed, and the result will only be known later, not now. It’s not about announcing target squares in a calm voice, but loud (distance is an enemy of silence) expression of feelings that are born in salty and cold obscurity (obscurity as a material loss). Players shout out in turns, as if their moves give coordinates for tears, for their impossibility and inevitability. “E4! – Hit! Hit… hit… hit. We continue to play. We are waiting, looking at each other, blowing up each other’s hearts like seagulls who bring death notices.”

(Vverkh! / Up! Art Group)

Vverkh! / Up! Art Group

Vverkh! / Up! Art Group was formed in early spring of 2010 by young Moscow artists as a result of their joint studies of Russian cosmism. The group focuses on the way various media function and interact, and develops the idea of uniting art, science, politics and religion in a single cultural space, Temple of Cosmism. The art group works as an open association with Pyotr Zsukov and Daniil Zinchenko as its key participants who are responsible for its theoretical and strategic development. Vverkh! / Up! Group mainly focuses on making video-films that study and develop ideas of Russian cosmism.