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Mikhail Anikushin’ Studio
Branch of the State Museum of City Sculpture

Address: Vyazemsky pereulok 8
Metro: “Gorkovskaya”, “Chernaya Rechka”
Tel. : (812) 347-49-30
Museum hours: 12:00 – 18:00
Closed: Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, last Wednesday of month

A former studio that belonged to a famous 20th century St. Petersburg sculptor Mikhail Anikushin (1917-1997) is located in Vyazemsky garden – one of the most beautiful spots of Petrogradsky district.The building of the studio was erected in 1969 to the design of Filipp Gepner. While designing the studio the architect would constantly discuss the project with the sculptor considering all requests voiced by the artist. The result was a one-of-a-kind studio where the sculptor could make full-size models for monuments. Visitors of the studio get a chance to witness secret life of monuments which would normally be hidden from the general public – the life a monument lives with the sculptor, from the first paper sketch to the moment its model is taken to the plant to be cast in bronze.

At present the museum is running an exhibition titled From the Anikushin’s Studio… The exhibition displays works created by Anikushin’s students. The sculptor spent nearly 50 years teaching at the Department of Sculpture at the Ilya Repin State Academic Institute of Fine Arts, Sculpture and Architecture (Academy of Arts). In the center of the exposition visitors will find Anikushin’s sketches for a monument to writer Anton Chekhov. The sketches date back to various years reflecting Anikushin’s perfectionism and his rare gift as a plastic artist.


“There comes a time in the life of each and every person when he or she experiences relocation – in literal or metaphorical sense. It is when they pack the things that used to be actual objects, tamp them down and lock them in temporarily (or forever), reducing those objects to simpler forms that bear little resemblance to the original. The change may be so drastic that one might ask whether the matter is still there, or is it an empty replica of our thoughts, words, acts and objects we are dragging into our new life.

It also looks like a museum collection packed up for storage or relocation to be displayed later under different circumstances. Are there object inside, or is it just a package for vacuum encasing images of imaginary matter?”

(Ivan Plyushch)

Ivan Plyushch

Born in 1981 Ivan Plyushch graduated from the Department of Monumental and Decorative Painting at the Stieglitz St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry. He works as a painter, makes installations, creates objects. In 2007 together with Anastasiya Shavlokhova and Ilya Gaponov the artist started an open art-studio in St Petersburg Nepokorenniye (The Invincible). His work The Process of Passing Through was presented at the 2nd Ural Biennale of Contemporary Art in Yekaterinburg and was awarded Innovation-2012 prize as a New Generation nominee.