The 11th festival
“Contemporary Art in the Traditional Museum”

22 September – 14 October 2012
St Petersburg

The State Museum of the History of St Petersburg. Peter and Paul Fortress, Poterna Exhibition Hall

Project: installation: “Metropolis. St Petersburg”

Author: Vladimir Seleznev (Yekaterinburg )

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The State Museum of the Political History of Russia

Project: objects “Blocks”

Author: Diana Vishnevskaya (St Petersburg)
Igor Tsvetkov (St Petersburg)

Project: object “TEMPUS EDAX RERUM”

Author: Vadzim Kamisarau (St Petersburg)

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Museum “Apartment of Isaac Brodsky”.
Branch of the Russian Academy of Arts Museum

Project: video installation “Mirroring the Musée”

Author: Adad Hannah (Canada)

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The State Museum of the City Sculpture
Exposition: Monumental Sculpture of St Petersburg

Project: photo project “The Red Storm: Documents”

Author: group “The Red Storm” (Vyborg)

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The Alexander Popov Central Museum of Communications

Project: object “Losev’s Light”

Author: Yuri Shevnin (St Petersburg)

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Academician Ivan Pavlov’s Memorial Museum-Apartment. Pavlov Institute of Physiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Project: video installation “Tissue Culture Point of View”

Author: Tagny Duff (Canada)

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St Petersburg Metro Museum

Project: objects “Metro”

Author: Heidi Hankaniemi (Finland)

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Museum “Apartment of Arkhip Kuindji”.
Branch of the Russian Academy of Arts Museum

Project: installation “Landscape Issues”

Author: Rostan Tavasiev (Moscow)

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Museum of Optics

Project: installation “Light bulb song”

Author: Michael Vorfeld (Germany)

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Gatchina State Museum Reserve

Project: photo installation “MARBLE-2″

Author: Yury Molodkovets (St Petersburg)

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